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Ben Smith is the founder of FunNight. Since 1996, Ben has been President of T&D Golf Stores in Tampa. Ben graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from the University of South Florida.

Ben has a heart and passion for helping others. FunNight was formed after years of research and planning in how to best help charities and groups raise money. Ben believes that FunNight is the most unique fundraising opportunity for charities and groups. FunNight is built on the premises of saving people money, helping marriages and family relationships, and giving constant support to your favorite organization anywhere in the USA.

Ben is a Deacon of Christ Community Church in Tampa and is heavily involved in the children’s ministry there. Ben resides in Tampa with his wife and three children.

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Ben Smith

The Importance of Being of Service to Others

"The greatest among you, shall be your servant." This has been one of the verses I have lived my life on and want to pass on to you. If you believe that you are created in God's image, and every other human is too, that will translate in every facet of your life. My son asks me, "Why do you do things for others?" I say to him, "Son, I am serving another of God's image bearers." I show him that service is an important part of life by exemplifying in my life. Our words can never speak more loudly…

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