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Bodhi and River Robbins are 11-year-old boys who have autism. They didn’t talk until they were almost 5, and are still not potty trained. But these twins have a passion for the Earth, and a vision of a sustainable future.

They are home-schoolers who love the Earth, surfing, the pop music charts, and making people laugh. They wrote speeches in honor of Earth Day, included here, and every word is their own. Bodhi and River are participating in the Son-Rise program, and they love it.

Find out more about their family's work at, and check out Bodhi and River's Earth Day speeches here.

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Bodhi and River Robbins

Today’s Brilliance from Bodhi and River Robbins

Wisdom From Bodhi Do you want to get our home destroyed? Or do you want to help? Let's start to make our wonderful world a better place! First of all, you can recycle. Don't throw everything in the trash! Some of the things, like plastic, glass and paper, you can put in the recycling can. This is how you take care of our amazing environment: reduce, reuse, recycle. We could all help by picking up litter and putting it in the proper cans. Don't litter! Second of all, I want you to get electric cars. This will help us to…

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