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Brady is a 16 year old teen who together with his older brother Kyle founded My Own Book, an organization dedicated to spreading the love of reading. In addition, Brady is an Eagle Scout, has earned all 121 merit badges and the Hornaday Silver Medal. He is a 4-H All-Star, a member of the 4-H State Foundation Board and 4-H State Policy Committee, and serves as vice chairman of the city of Fairfield's Youth Commission.

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Today’s Brilliance from Brady Baldwin

You need to find a need and fill it. Make progress everyday by pointing yourself in the direction you need to go. Set goals. Track results. Make the conscious decision to overcome adversity and set forth with a smile on your face and a will to succeed. The more times you are at bat the better chance you will have at success. Purposefully take advantage of opportunities. Decide you will be the one that makes the effort and grab the brass ring.

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