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Brandon Epstein is a health and performance coach with a mission to help entrepreneurs have more energy, create the body they desire and experience more satisfaction from their work and personal lives.

Brandon's journey to becoming an elite entrepreneur fitness coach went a little like this: college football, professional fitness model, entrepreneur, appreneur with 60+ health/fitness apps. Along the way he has learned various modalities that include brainwave training, NLP, EFT, energy training with chakras and meridians and much more. Brandon uses these modalities to help people optimize their performance and fulfill their peak potential.

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4 Principles To Create a Magnificent Life

I made the most life-changing discovery of my life when I was 20 years old. I began to realize to fully grasp the fact that our thoughts and emotions are physical in the universe. I began to realize that time and time again, the thoughts and emotions that I was experiencing the most frequently were directly dictating how my life played out before me. When I made this realization, I had the "AH-HA" moment that I had complete control over how my life would transpire until I left this consciousness. It was one thing to understand this on an intellectual…

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