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Brian Schwartz is the award winning author of 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs Thriving in Uncertain Times. In his book, he features exclusive one on one interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs including Gail Lynne Goodwin, Bob Parsons of Go Daddy, Kim Jordan of New Belgium, and Jake Jabs of American Furniture Warehouse.

After spending nearly 15 years in corporate America, he set out to interview 50 successful entrepreneurs before quitting his job (at the request of his wife). In doing so, he uncovered several key distinctions of those who are successful and those who are not. His passion is now rooted in the company he started to mentor others through the 50 Interviews framework to become authors themselves, and literally rewire their own futures as Brian did.

He has been featured on NBC, CBS, and in the Denver Business Journal.

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The 4 Keys to Fulfillment

The keys to finding fulfillment in life may be different for each of us, but here is what I have discovered to work for me... and the essence of what I've discovered after my years on this wonderful planet. I hope these insights launch you into the next stage of your life with powerful new renewed force and energy. I discovered these four distinctions in the 50+ entrepreneurs I interviewed, but I do believe at their core, they also lead to a more fulfilling life: 1. Embrace a consuming passion by sharing it with others. Surround yourself with others who share…

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