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Hi my name is Brittany. I live two other sisters and a brother. I go to St. Mary of the Lake school in Minnesota. I am ten years old and in 5th grade. My two sports I play are softball and basketball. I love to sing and I would love to be on American Idol someday. I like arts & crafts, and have lots of friends that I play with as much as possible. My favorite movie is 'The Pacifier'.

Loving Everyone

When Brittany was only 5 years old she ran in front of a bus to save the life of her friend. Badly injured herself, these are Brittany's recollections as to 'why' she did such a heroic act. After the bus accident, I was in the emergency room, and my dad asked "What would make a girl be so brave?" Then suddenly my eyes opened, I took ahold of my daddy's hand and said to him, "You always said we were supposed to love everyone, and that's what I was doing, daddy - I was just loving her!" All the nurses…

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