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Carol Goddard is an International presenter and author. As a highly intuitive Life and Soul Coach, Carol has an extraordinary talent for being with you, seeing your light, and gently and clearly guiding you to remember and recognize, to ‘reconnect’ to the depth of who you are. When you ‘reconnect’ on the deepest level to your essence, and come into alignment with your deepest self, you activate your innate wisdom, the pure source of your own healing, and experience profound healing on all levels. As you tap into the universal flow of energy 'miracles' happens. Carol continues to guide you to realign your life with your soul’s essence. This is a journey of the sacred, and is liberating beyond measure. This is your home coming, what you have been waiting for.

Carol has co-authored a book called A Life Like Yours, written as a simple parable about finding love within our own heart. Carol has created an inner body guided meditation CD “Awaken To Stillness and Find an Ocean of Peace Within Your Heart” with Tibetan Singing Bowls as the backing vibration. Carol is the founder of the global Love and Gratitude Community, and was a presenter and practitioner on the 2008 Ocean Of Gratitude Cruise USA and Caribbean alongside Michael Beckwith. Carol is an author in Book 2 of the ‘Thank God I…’ New York Times Bestseller series, in her story ‘Thank God I Love Being Me’ Carol shares her story of being touched from the rawness of birth and death, and how she discovered her joy in living her essential nature. Carol is currently studying A Course in Miracles.

Today’s Brilliance from Carol Goddard

Dare to be YOU. Dare to be YOU, and live the unlived life within you, the life you were born to live. Have you ever felt like your life so far has been a diluted form of what is possible for you? Guilt and fear keep you disconnected from who you really are. When you reconnect to your essence, guilt and fear are no longer there, they have dissolved, and the magnificence of who you are radiates from you. Resistance is what stands between the life you live and the unlived life within you. Resistance comes in many forms, such…

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