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Carolyn Henderson is a lifestyle writer who focuses on family, homeschooling, financial freedom, and 21st century Christianity. The co-owner of Steve Henderson Fine Art, Carolyn is a columnist for Fine Art Views, a writer for BeliefNet (Commonsense Christianity), and the creator of her personal blog, This Woman Writes.

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People Matter – Including YOU!

People matter. Within the circle of your existence, you have been given a "tribe" consisting of your family, your friends, your irritating neighbor whose dog barks 24/7, and the co-worker who borrows your "Best Person Alive!" coffee cup and leaves saliva marks on the lip. Because of your unique relationship with each of these people, only you can reach them in the way you were designed to do so, and while yes, there are other neighbors who can smile stiffly at yours, there is no one who can take your place in the family setting, or within your friends' hearts.…

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