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I am 15 years old and I am finishing my freshman year of high school at Choate Rosemary Hall, a boarding school in Connecticut. I have 3 brothers, one human (Ross) and two canine (Diego and Jorge, my labradoodles). I am passionate about cooking, play varsity squash, and am serious about my academics. I also play the cello, and I love to travel. I blog about food and words at, where I share recipes and review restaurants, cookbooks and cooking products. I am a diehard Italophile and hope to spend some time living in Italy some day. My favorite chefs are Julia Child and Ina Garten. I would like to develop a product line of food... I have some ideas but they have to wait until I finish school! 

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Today’s Brilliance from Charis Freiman-Mendel

One of my Mom's friends was once talking to me about which career I am interested in, when I finish school. I always remember her words of wisdom: "It's not 'work' if you love what you do." Have the courage to follow your passion. Great things can happen and you will be happier for it! Students don't have to wait to finish school to follow her advice. I wrote a cookbook during two years in home school, because it allowed me to combine my love of cooking with my need to study for the standardized test I had to take…

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