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Cindy Wigglesworth has a BA and MA from Duke University. She has 20 years of experience in human resources management with ExxonMobil. She founded her business, now called Deep Change, in 2000. Cindy is the author of the best-selling and award winning book SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.  Cindy has created, validated and researched the first skills-based Spiritual Intelligence Assessment instrument for business and personal use - the SQ21. This instrument is both faith-neutral, faith-friendly and science-friendly. It allows business people to talk about Spiritual Intelligence skills and how to develop them without using the language of religion – while still making the connection to beliefs and practices that are of deep personal importance for each person.

Cindy is a powerful professional speaker – speaking with unusual clarity about the need for multiple intelligences in the workplace and in our personal lives. She has spoken at numerous conferences including: Business and Consciousness, Spirit in Business, Spirit at Work and the World Business Academy. Cindy is a published author and has appeared on Oprah, PBS, Fox26 News and various radio programs. She is committed to helping organizations and individuals integrate spirituality and work.

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Do You Have the Right Kinds of Intelligence?

I have learned that life is intelligent and moves to higher and higher orders of complexity and adaptation. And we as humans have the capacity to develop multiple types of intelligence and to adapt to the increasingly complex world we face. I grew up believing that "intelligence" was one thing - what we call IQ. I worked hard and got good grades at a really tough college. I thought that would prepare me for life. What I realized by my late 20s was that there were other forms of intelligence that mattered a whole lot. Specifically, we also need emotional…

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