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When Craig Reid was 16, doctors told him he'd be dead in five years due to the deadly effects of cystic fibrosis. Back then, he took 30 pills/day, underwent heavy therapy/day and was in the hospital every three months. After graduating from Cornell University, Reid moved to Taiwan to learn the then secret art of Qigong. By becoming an actor/stuntman in Chinese kung fu films, Reid met a Qigong teacher. Five months later and to this day, Reid has been off all medications and therapies since. To demonstrate his health improvement was for real, in 1986 and with 30% of both lungs deteriorated, Reid walked 3000.2 miles (marathon/day) across America at a >4.0 mph pace.

While in Taiwan, Reid met Silvia Reid (PhD), his wife of now 31 years, and while simultaneously learning Chinese he earned a Master's Degree from the prestigious National Taiwan University. After receiving his PhD from the University of Illinois, where he was a 12-time award winning University teacher in 8 different scientific courses (like pre-medical biology, microbiology, medical entomology), M.A.D.D. bestowed upon Reid their coveted Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Apart from being a prolific writer (1000+ magazine articles, author (the 500,000+ words Ultimate Guide to the Martial Arts Movies of the 1970s; 2010), freelancer for Reuters, medical writer), working in Hollywood as a fight choreographer/screenwriter, and being an inspirational speaker, The Leeza Gibbons Show selected Reid as the Best Husband in America.
Reid having one of the world's deadliest lung diseases, ironically now teaches members of the U.S., British, South Korean and Chinese Olympic teams as well as U.S. armed forces personnel how to breathe correctly to increase their mental and physical performance. Craig and Silvia have used their Qi Healing skills for 24 years and have helped 3200+ people.

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How You Can Prepare For Your Destiny

No matter what life scenarios or predicaments you're in, just think of two words... adventure, adventure. We've heard the song, "Que será será, whatever will be, will be." Yet whatever is going to be, doesn't always have to become what is expected. Fate, destiny, karma, miracles, chi (qi), the Force... they're all intangibles in the invisible energies of the world/universe, yet their narratives, stories and conclusions are as visible as the ways they've been written and lived. We can't stop the next day from happening, yet if you're willing to work hard, you can prepare for the days ahead knowing…

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