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Dame Lillian is Chairman of Luxiam Media™ LLC a Multi-Media Entertainment Company, and former Director of Mass Media and Marketing Production for her client the Home & Garden Show which is the largest Show in California with extensive coverage on TV, Newspaper, Magazine, Media and Radio. She is Executive Producer/Creator & Writer of the Two TV Comedy Shows “Love at First Laff” and “S’Cupid” with writing partner/Producer/Comedian Grace Fraga best known for the Steve Harvey Show. Dame Lillian’s a Content Aggregator for a TV Network and Radio Show Producer/Host of TheBottomLineShowLive™.
Dame Lillian has been a successful best seller published author/writer of several Books: “Creating Customers for Life” & “7 Secrets to Selling Your Home” and her current book due to be published :"7 Secrets to Get on Television" and“Tapping Into Infinite Intelligence” based on her Radio show featuring Captains of Industry in Entertainment, Music, Medicine, Media, Sports and Spirituality. Dame Lillian is also a Co-Host of the Total Woman TV Show on the Total Transformation Network and a Passionate creative/entrepreneur for over 20 years, she is highly respected in the world of business, entertainment and philanthropy sitting on many boards having founded Exit Beach Cities Realty & 1st Pacific Mortgage Bank.

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Dame Lillian Walker

What IF One Percent Can Get You One Hundred Percent?

YOU are a soul that was perfect at birth and knew everything you needed to know to be successful in life. You are God Pressed into human form and just as a cup of water from the ocean has all the elements of the sea, so are you. You are not here by accident. You are on purpose, on time with the right people at the right place for the right reasons. You are here to experience and know LOVE, LOVE IS THE ANSWER. Love in all its forms is the fuel and purpose for which you were brought forth.…

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