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Deborah L. Parker views herself as someone who uses the wits and gifts that God gave her to be of service. A person of faith, she was raised by a determined single mother in the home of her wise grandparents, who planted in her the importance of a strong belief system.

Building on this background along with her early experiences in a Civil Rights era rural Virginia town, Deborah has authored two books. One is a motivational memoir entitled, Navigating Life’s Roadways: Stories of Insight from My Odyssey and Inspiration for Your Journey, released in July 2011. Deborah shares poignant narratives about her setbacks and successes in this book, including honoring the lessons from her family and heroes that provide her solid identity. And in her second book Life is A Review: Observations and Collections of My Passages Through the Times, released in June 2012, Deborah invites readers to browse her 25 year compilation of essays, blogs, speeches and poems around the same themes.

Deborah’s career life has taken her to positions in the army, corporate companies and now owning a motivational speaking and leadership development company, The DPJ Training Group. She has degrees in Sociology and Human Resources.

When taking a break, Deborah enjoys travel, reading and long walks.

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