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Dr. Deborah Rozman is President and CEO of Quantum Intech Inc (dba HeartMath® Inc.), located in Boulder Creek, California. HeartMath provides scientifically validated and market validated tools and technologies that activate the intelligence of the heart to dramatically reduce stress, while empowering health, performance and behavioral change in individuals and organizations. HeartMath’s award winning emWave® and Inner Balance™ technologies monitor and provide real time feedback on heart rhythm (HRV) coherence levels, an important indicator of mental and emotional state. HeartMath offers training and certification programs for organizations, health professionals and coaches ( and a self-paced online personal development program called HeartMastery® for individuals (

Dr. Rozman has been a psychologist in research and practice, entrepreneur and business executive for over 30 years, and is the author or co-author of eight books. She was founding executive director of the Institute of HeartMath, and now serves on the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board and Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee. She is co-author with HeartMath founder, Doc Childre, of the Transforming series of books (New Harbinger Publications): Transforming Anger, Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety and Transforming Depression. She is a key spokesperson on heart intelligence and the role of the heart in stress management, performance and wellness. Dr. Rozman gives media interviews and does keynote addresses for executives, scientists and conferences throughout the world.

For media interviews contact Gabriella Boehmer at (831) 338-8710 or [email protected].

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Today’s Brilliance from Deborah Rozman

The heart is your key to becoming "who you truly are." Learn to listen to your heart's intuitive guidance. The heart is not weak and mushy. It is a source of strength and holds a unique intelligence that you can tap into that can open your intuition. It's up to each individual to bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart's intuitive guidance. Let your mind and heart work as a team - a balanced partnership. The shortest path to the heart and mind partnership is through inner-ease. Practicing inner-ease creates "flow" by helping you…

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