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Educated to degree-level in Chemistry, he has worked for most of his life in computing. Since 2000, he has devoted his life to writing. His first book on Advaita, 'The Book of One', was published in 2003. This was extensively revised and republished in 2010.

An introductory book on Sanskrit 'The Spiritual Seeker's Essential Guide to Sanskrit' was published in India in 2005. ‘How to Meet Yourself' was published in 2007, aimed at the non-specialist reader and addresses the fundamental topics of meaning and purpose. His major book on Advaita, also published in 2007, is entitled 'Back to the Truth'. This is a systematic treatment of Advaita which, by using examples from many sources, helps the reader to differentiate between approaches and teachers. 'Enlightenment: the Path through the Jungle' was published in 2008. It contrasts the proven methods of traditional teaching with Western approaches. His most recent book is 'Advaita Made Easy' was published in 2012.

Dennis maintains the most popular website on Advaita at This was renovated and extended in 2012 with a new blogging facility at


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Forget the Body and Mind

You can only achieve so much in life. There will always be someone who can run faster, write better, or make more money. You may realize your ambitions but this only ever raises the barriers. Science continually discovers more and more, but the horizon recedes, the expanding knowledge bringing the realization that we know even less now than we thought we did before. Whatever we do in the world can only bring temporary satisfaction. Our bodies may be all that we could wish for - whether it is physical prowess that we desire or attractiveness to the opposite sex (even…

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