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Devin O'Branagan writes fiction that speaks to the spirit. Her novels include the metaphysical classics, SPIRIT WARRIORS and WITCH HUNT, published by Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books in English and Heyne Books in German. She is the author of the RED HOT novels, a seriocomic series that explores a young woman's effort to become more than she believes possible. Also, just launched, is the legend of GLORY, a young adult paranormal series about a plucky group of teenagers who fight the good fight against evil.

Devin is crazy passionate about animals and her books abound with marvelous four-legged characters. Talisman, the colorful canine featured in the RED HOT series, was created as a tribute to her Australian Shepherd, Kolbe. Hallelujah, the feisty Australian Shepherd in GLORY, was fashioned after her dog Jazz. Other animals appearing in her books are based on the pets of friends and fans. She devotes much of her time and resources to animal rescue groups.

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Choose Wisely… Your Thoughts Create Your Reality!

The original Star Trek series had a memorable episode in which the Enterprise visited a planet that allowed anything a person thought of to manifest. The planet was supposed to be used for entertainment purposes, but the unsuspecting Enterprise crew didn't know their thoughts were creating their reality -- and so suffered accordingly. What a perfect metaphor for our world! Human beings are creators and this world is our medium. We were created to create and we do so all the time, whether we are aware of it or not. There's an old saying, "Our creativity is our gift from God, and…

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