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Diana Stelin is an artist and an inspirational painting instructor who has garnered a much revered Best of Boston award. She's also a mother of three and a brilliant writer. Ms. Stelin creates multi-layered landscapes painted with a mixture of oil and wax. While she produces her pieces, she reflects about her process and writes deeply about the connection between artmaking and psychology. Her articles have been featured in Harness Magazine, and among others. Follow her journey by joining her email list via

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Why Your Inner Voice Matters Most

Long ago I was given the privilege of access to my inner voice through painting. I managed to survive high school and college by practicing this precious gift. Yet, when real life hit, I became afraid of losing myself in my dream world and let it go. I took a more practical route. I needed to make money and start a family, and be an overall reasonable person. However, it hit me with time that a huge part of me was dying little by little. It felt like I was blindfolded while walking through the dilemmas of this world, and…

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