Dielle Ciesco, the creator of Transformational Voicework and author of The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound, specializes in the transformational power of the voice to heal and connect us with our own Divinity.

She is passionate about every Voice, be it the one we use everyday to communicate, the ones we hear inside our heads, the silent voice of wisdom, voices raised in song, or the ones that call us to awaken. She teaches workshops, writes, sings, makes art, and works one-on-one with clients.

Photo credit: Jan Jenson, 2011.

For more information, please visit DielleCiesco.com

Find Your Voice; Transform Your World

We take our ability to speak for granted every day, perfecting our misuse of a tool with the power to transform our world. Each of us came here to stand for something; we came with a message to share--a song to sing. But the voice is a terribly wounded channel. We learned from a very young age that expressing ourselves was something to be controlled and censured. Many of us heard the message to "shut up", were told we couldn't sing, or that we were too loud, too inappropriate with our exuberant joy. Instead, we've learned how to manipulate others…

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