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Dr. Rob Pennington completed his doctorate at The University of Texas at Austin in educational psychology in 1976. In addition to his career in counseling and executive coaching, Dr. Pennington was a professor at three universities, a four-time recipient of the Mental Health Association’s Outstanding Speaker Award and one of Meeting Professional International’s original Platinum Presenters. Since 1982 he has received the highest trainer evaluations each year from Fortune 100 employees for his trainings, "Successfully Managing the Stress of Change" and "Successful Work Relationships." Dr. Pennington’s intensive academic understanding paired with profound personal experience helps him make complex issues understandable in a delightfully common-sense manner. Dr. Pennington provides insights he has presented in trainings and keynotes worldwide on a range of professional and personal development topics for the first time in book form in Find The Upside of the Down Times. He has four grandchildren ages 4 months to 19 years old.

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Own Your Feelings

Most people think they don't have anything to do with how they are feeling. I certainly didn't. But I have learned through many difficult situations in relationships, career and finances, and even getting shot that I do have something to do with my emotions. After all, they are mine! I learned that how I feel is mainly up to me, unless I have some chemical or neurological damage. Other than that, how I think causes how I feel. It's like a waterfall. My positive thoughts cause positive emotions. My negative thoughts cause negative emotions. How I feel influences how I…

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