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Elise Ballard is an award-winning producer, writer, speaker and journalist. She is the author of Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform (Random House/Crown Publishing), a collection of over 50 interviews with amazing people from all walks of life recounting the stories of their greatest epiphanies. She started her career working as an actress in New York, Austin and Los Angeles before moving into writing, filmmaking and production work. Her documentary directorial debut, Lord of the Wiens: A Dachumentary, a movie about the annual Wiener Dog Races in Buda, TX, became a cult hit. She has been a contributor to publications such as Psychology Today and the wildly popular website,, is a two-time invited TEDx speaker and serves as a judge for the prestigious Humanitas Prize in Los Angeles, awarding writers for emphasizing and celebrating humanistic values in their work.

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6 Empowering Ideas for Making the Most out of Life

If I can do it, you can do it. It's true! So many of the cliches I have learned are true. Don't waste time beating yourself up all the time and focusing on your flaws or weaknesses, and/or being around people who do it for you (unfortunately, sometimes even better than you). Know you are loved. Know you are magnificent. Know you are so very unique and special with unique talents and gifts to share with this world. Everyone has an interesting story to tell and wisdom to offer and special things to do in their lifetime. Focus on your…

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