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My name is Esong yanick ntah, son of Ajang peter Esong. I lived with my parents in a small village named Tombel in the southwest region of Cameroon. Tombel is where i studied as a young child and had my advance level in August 2014 at my early 20s. From there i went to the University of Buea, still in the southwest region of Cameroon where I studied Geology. It was really fun at the University. I didn't really see my success there, so I decided to write an entrance exam to the faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural sciences located in Dschang, the western part of Cameroon. I am now working in Gabon as a technician in a friends company.

Discovering The Inner Voice And Stay Focused

As the human body is built up with different parts characterized by different functions, everyone who is created by God has a part to play as far as life is concerned. There is a defined reason of our existence here on earth, call it DESTINY. Everyone has something to fulfill that will impact the lives of others. It's obvious that there are people who don't really understand who they are and what they have got in them. They don't believe in the potential they carry, that talent, that thing that you don't find in others that makes you unique. If you find…

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