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Fran Shaw, Ph.D. is a longtime practitioner in a spiritual discipline, a college professor, and an award-winning author whose works include "Notes on The Next Attention," "Writing My Yoga," and "50 Ways to Help You Write." A talented editor and writing coach, Fran teaches at the University of Connecticut and conducts workshops across the country. She engages people in writing experiments that begin with a shift into greater awareness from which words freely flow. Her new #1 amazon bestseller "Lord Have Murphy: Waking Up in the Spiritual Marketplace" is a funny, punny, brilliantly attentive doorway to real connection with higher self and features the unrelenting humor of its narrator, Murphy.

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Letting Your Inner Sun Out

We’ve all felt it, walking out of yoga class, looking at the mountains, strolling by the ocean. With our attention mobilized, another dimension opens for us, just as we are, right where we are. Suddenly, we are living in intense present-moment awareness. Life can be difficult, but the light of consciousness can be in us! Everything we need is here inside. With a receptive attention, we can perceive the subtle energy animating us. A sacred energy is coming into us at every instant, just hidden from our usual mind. Recognizing its touch takes us from self-awareness across the threshold into…

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