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Gary Doyle is a consultant, coach and speaker. He is the founder of IgNITE Magazine and author of The Quest, 8 Simple Steps to Find and Fulfill Your Life's Purpose. His efforts are focused on helping as many people as possible find wellness of the mind, body, spirit and soul by providing inspiration, information and instruction on finding fulfillment and satisfaction. Towards that end, IgNITE Magazine is focused on inspiration, personal growth, nourishment, inner-self, travel and fitness via articles written by a highly professional group of dedicated contributors.

Gary lives in Las Vegas, NV and is father to two grown children and grandfather to an energetic, enthusiastic grandson. In his spare time he hikes, works out and reads everything that he can get his hands on.

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The Guiding Light You Didn’t Know You Have

Forty years of pursuing and achieving the American Dream left me feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled and not at peace with myself. What happened? Following an extended period of evaluation and self-searching I made a discovery that was so simple and at the same time frightening. Why hadn’t I found the answer earlier? What held me back? The fact is that our society teaches us that if we just follow the guidelines,we will fulfill ourselves via accomplishments and material rewards. And so we get on the treadmill and stay on the treadmill thinking that if we just clear the next hurdle we…

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