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Armed with just a dream and $1000, Norwegian born, Geir Ness, set his sights on Los Angeles to become an actor, but fate had a different plan for him.

In a business world where only a few survive and where everyone will tell you why you cannot succeed, Geir was determined and ready to take on the challenge.

Armed with a $5 suit, a red carpet found in the trash and a photographer who could not afford film for his camera, Geir invited his fellow students from his acting school to pretend to know him as the mega celebrity from Norway and staged a publicity event at Nordstrom’s, ultimately landing him his first order of 1000 bottles. The odds of surviving were staggering; the odds of becoming successful were astronomical but Geir Ness does not know the meaning of words like “no, can’t and shouldn’t”.

From disasters in manufacturing, to an industry that wanted to see him fail, to an absolutely grueling 280-day a year travel schedule, Geir maintains the most positive upbeat and optimistic outlook on life you will ever encounter. As Norway’s first fragrance and handbag designer, Geir has made his mark in the beauty and fashion industry as an entrepreneur and humanitarian. His company, Laila, was named after his mother, a tribute to her.

Not only is he a successful designer, Geir became a motivational speaker and speaks at schools and seminars throughout the USA and Europe.

Geir donates both his time and money to a list of foundations such as the Norwegian Cancer Society, Children Medical Research Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation and “I am 4 Kids Foundation”.

In the words of Geir Ness…..”The American Dream can come true and it does not stop here, always more to come!”

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