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Geoff Canavan is an Entrepreneur, Author, Business Owner, Leader and Radio Show Host with many years' experience in business in Ireland, Europe and the USA. He has worked with global organizations and entrepreneurs and has a wealth of practical knowledge.

Geoff has developed a deep understanding of the nature of success and firmly believes that, regardless of circumstances, education, social status, history or any other outside influence, success is an inside job, inherent in, available to and attainable by everybody.

He is the founder of the Solved System and author of three books, The Solved System – Ask. Believe. Choose. Do., See You on Venus and Solved. In 2011 he hosted the radio series The Power of Realism on US radio.

Geoff believes that each and every one of us is a greater and infinitely more positive force than any circumstances we can encounter.

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The Inner Beauty of You

Everyone experiences difficulties, heartache and drama but the truth of who you are is never found in the loss, the sadness or the pain that being human brings. The real truth of who you are is a beauty as constant as the northern star. If you remember nothing else then, never forget that beyond the troubles of this world there is another place where you can choose the part of you that is always loving and true, and totally in touch with the knowledge that we are all one and that a part of us always was and always will…

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