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George Mentz is a speaker, lawyer, and global pioneer in management, education and training. Mentz has consulted with governments and the top companies around the world to improve strategy and success. Counselor Mentz has been seen in the: Financial Times, El Norte Mexico, Hindu National, China Daily and the Wall Street Journal. Mentz is a lawyer, teacher and the first person in the world to achieve a Doctor of Jurisprudence, MBA, and various Certifications where even his management training is ISO 29990 TUV Accredited. Mentz has authored hundreds of books, guides, and journal articles, and his companies provide accredited training in over 50 countries around the world. Mentz's renowned teachings have been used in the top banks, government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and financial institutions around the globe. Mentz is former Wall Street Wealth Manager, award winning professor, writer, commentator, researcher, and wealth journalist. A frequent analyst quoted in press, television, and radio, Mentz is also a popular endorser and public presenter. Mentz "The Counselor" has been a lead and keynote speaker in the USA, China, Arabia, Asia, Caribbean, and Latin America for Major Wealth Management Conferences, National Associations, Wall Street Firms, and with webcasts to hundreds of thousands of people. Mentz serves on several boards of companies, universities and charities around the world. Mentz and his Global Accredited Training Programs are available for certification courses, consulting, speaking and keynote addresses.

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Principles for Achieving Quantum Bliss

Wake up, be yourself, follow your dreams, and be alive. Boldness is pure energy. Seize the moment and engage life. Being contemplative-in-action is the secret key to success. Having a focused and harmonious connection to the “Spirit of the Universe” while working effectively toward your highest ideals will continually reveal results. Remember, you are connected with all possibility. Take hold of your divine rights to health, supply and success. Allow yourself to be great and to do great things. WE MUST CREATE. Build new ways of doing things, providing service, devising solutions, supply opportunity and help teach others. Follow your…

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