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This athletic entrepreneur got his start in business working for someone else. After an un-inspiring raise and watching one too many people golfing from his office chair, Greg Guyatt realized he was ready to be his own boss.

Greg writes, “If there is anybody who is well versed in overcoming their own limiting beliefs, it’s me. I grew up in an ultra critical household with very limited support, developed a stuttering problem, was bullied all through my early years at school. I didn't have many friends which was no surprise considering I had zero confidence and poor self esteem. I had some major self imposed barriers and beliefs about myself that came as a result which I carried with me into adulthood without even knowing it.

I didn’t realize how carrying all this baggage with me would limit not only my life’s satisfaction but in everything that I attempted.

What made a difference to me was some very special people that I met along my journey who started the healing process and helped me realize I was much more than the person who I was programmed to be. It's my duty in life to be the person to others who are capable of greatness but they just don't yet realize it. It was this mission that led me to write my first book on Embracing Your Greatness.

When we realize the only expectations we have to live up to are our own, we're free to do whatever we want to in life."

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