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Habibo Haji was born and grew up in a small primitive village in the desert of Somalia. She lived in the largest refugee camp in Kenya before immigrating to the United State, without knowing a word of English. After many struggles, she has conquered the odds to live a successful life.

How to Conquer the Odds

Have you seen people who are anxious, upset, and always worried, who just can’t seem to think positive? That is because they are lost in their misery. When you look at the dictionary, positive attitude has a few different meanings, but I focus on these: optimism, confidence, and focusing on the good things rather than the bad. People often ask me, “How have you survived all the things you have gone through, Habibo? How can you be the sole care provider for three children, work two jobs, attend school full-time, and most importantly give back to the community?” I tell…

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