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Ingrid Martine is currently the CEO of Your Leaders’ Edge Coaching, Consulting, and Training, a firm specializing in transforming resistance to change. She focuses on changing the organizational culture of small businesses and for-social-profit organizations.

Some of Martine’s certifications are in organization development, 360-degree assessments, and as seminar leader for The Academy for Coaching Excellence. Her most recent certification is in Harvard professor's Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s mind-mapping process, which uncovers the little known origins of the resistance to change.

In 2014 she was the featured presenter and workshop leader for ICF-North Texas on overcoming the immunity to change. And she has been selected as a presenter to the prestigious Vistage organization, whose members are distinguished CEOs, community leaders, and other luminaries of the nation and world. She is the author of the Un-Game.

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Who Are You Willing to Be

We have more power to design our life than we think.We don’t control what happens. We can, however, control our response to what happens. Every moment…now, and now, and when tonight becomes now… is a choice point. Who are you willing to be? Courageous? Compassionate? Clear? What will you put on your TO NOT DO list? Checking your phone every 5 minutes? The choosing that enlivens us originates from a creator mind-set, not a victim’s. See your positive power. Sure, there’s negative power over others, but there’s also the power to and with. The power to create with others originates…

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