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Jack Groverland is an ordained Unity minister who heads the Unity Church in Boulder. He is also a professional writer with a couple of books and a screenplay under option in Hollywood.

"Life wasn’t always this good," Jack tells us some Sundays from the pulpit. "I grew up in the crime infested ghettos of Hoboken and Jersey City where I learned all the wrong ideas about life. I lived with my father, an immigrant truck driver who couldn’t begin to imagine the life I’m living now. In those dark days I was a petty thief, gang fighter, gambler and fool. I left all that when I escaped from jail under a hail of bullets, and in the process had my first spiritual experience. Too bad that first experience wasn’t all I needed, but it was a good start.

"In short, I changed my name and my life for the better. Still, I never thought I would wind up a Unity minister with a wife and 3 kids in Boulder, Colorado. But here I am. My life is magnificent now but it didn’t get that way overnight. My life evolved over many years of sincere searching for the Truth, which I am privileged to share each Sunday in the Unity pulpit."

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