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Jacob Roig is a product of his training and also continually educated in sales and personal growth. He brings a sincere, dedicated, experienced approach that gets viable results for all of his clients. He is a conduit for change and the realization that it is living life when we dream. He walks the walk and proves it can be done.

Through hands on experience, great successes and huge failures, he has learned  how to implement the change, demand the accountability and show people that THEY CAN achieve their dreams, they can have a fantastic life, they are here for a reason. Jacob will not let you settle for mediocrity. He helps people learn that they have the power and the guts to stretch.

Jacob has 30 years of executive and entrepreneurial sales and marketing expertise for corporate and small businesses. He has won numerous sales and achievement awards including Presidents Achievement Award in 2000. Jacob continues to utilize and teach successful selling. He also has an explosive coaching career since 2007. Jacob has helped many medium sized business owners and high level clients who still have a dream or want  to dream again.

Jacob has been married to Tina for 17 years and has two beautiful daughters Amy and Ashley, son in-law Dan and 2 grand doggers Lucy and Spike.

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Obstacles are Meaningless Next to Your Intention

Never let anyone or anything stand in your way of what you really want! Brilliant words, but the meaning and lesson behind it made the difference to me in changing my life. How many times have we settled for the first No? How many times has someone said you cannot and you accepted that answer? How many times have you not done what you wanted or gotten what you wanted because of money? If you are like me, many, many times. I am inspired by the magic and the ability of setting an intention. Finding an obstacle for it helps…

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