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Jeremy Holm is a renowned author, motivational and keynote speaker, bobsled athlete, advertising consultant and graphic and web designer. Jeremy began competing in the winter sport of bobsled in high school and went on to coach the U.S. Adaptive Bobsled Team. Jeremy has authored two books, The Champion’s Way and Fire on Ice, and is currently working on his third and fourth. He served a Christian mission to the countries of Honduras and Belize and is the founder of The Athlete Outreach Project, an institute that uses the influence of athletes to benefit non-profit organizations.

Jeremy currently captains Team Phoenix Bobsled, and is a spokesman for several charity and educational organizations. He is also an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention and often speaks to groups on how to unleash the champion within.

The greatest inspiration in Jeremy’s story is that all this was accomplished while dealing with a life-long battle against anxiety and depression that resulted in a brush with suicide. Jeremy is real and genuine—combining an uplifting mix of humor, positive messaging, and inspiring stories that will help other discover “The Champion’s Way” as they seek to create a gold medal life.

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Unleash Your Champion Within

When you wake up in the morning, express gratitude for another day. You came into this world with unlimited potential; don’t waste it on pursuits that fail to fill your mind, satisfy your heart and increase your character. Don’t base your value upon the flawed perspective of others. Your worth is divine, it is pure and you do not need approval to throw off the shackles of expectation and fly free from fear, insecurity and doubt. Listen to your heart; our noisy, busy society is far too loud and if we are not careful we can lose our ability to…

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