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Jessica Maxwell is the author of the double gold book award-winning memoir, Roll Around Heaven, An All-true, Accidental Spiritual Adventure (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster). Readers call the book "RAH!", because its mission is to cheer them on their own paths, and early on demanded more.

A modern mystic and devoted spiritual coach, Jessica now gives inspirational talks, healings and workshops on a regular basis, and has been invited to be a regular presenter at Ghost Ranch, Georgia O'Keeffe's former painting-grounds in Northern New Mexico.

Please join Jessica for the first "Roll Around Heaven at Ghost Ranch" personal spiritual tune-up Nov 6 - 10, 2011. Details are posted on

For more information, please visit

Are You Over-thinking the Mystical Realm?

The main problem modern thinking people have with the mystical realm is... over-thinking. We're often not quite intelligent enough to realize that it's the "logical" parts of our brains that insist on "logical" explanations for everything. This is like banks insisting on their own bailouts, to which I say: duh. Thus are many bright spiritual-minded folk calling for something smarter. Let us, for instance, follow the didactic brilliance of India's old Brahman priests who used to debate the divine until there was nothing left to say, knowing full well that the real answer lay in what religious scholar Karen Armstrong…

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