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Jim Killon is an American born humanitarian, author/writer, social concern photojournalist, artist and motivational speaker. In 2009 he left his native Baltimore and arrived in the Peruvian Andes where he fulfilled a dream and vision to help children living in destitution and despair. Today his project, Changes for New Hope reaches over 2000 children, bringing them value based inspiration through his "Do the Right Thing" initiative, art projects that build self esteem and have been exhibited in national museums, and the ubiquitous anemia and malnutrition issues are being addressed with vitamin distribution and anti-parasite medicine. Jim shares that apathy is humanity's most profound humiliation. No one can change the world but each of us can change a piece of it and help the less fortunate if we make it a priority.

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Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

If your Today is just a repeat of your Yesterday and your Tomorrow is just going to be a repeat of Today, what is the point? Life must be filled with progress, every single day. Stretching yourself toward your goals and advances, even small wins are significant if they move you forward toward a better life. Love, passion and joy await your embrace. Make some noise with your life, let somebody know you are here and what you feel, dream and care about matters. The alternative is simply a rehearsal for your own death. The beautiful, continuing success of Changes…

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