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JOAL KAMPS is a co-founder of the Canadian folk/roots group Flint & Feather – a husband and wife duo who are passionate about connecting with people through music, stories, and laughter. By blending storytelling with songwriting, Joal and Lauren Kamps create "Rocky Mountain Folk-Pop" songs inspired by North America's majestic landscape, rocky mountain folklore, and their own personal journeys.

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Recent Releases

The Key to Contentment: Thankfulness

I have every reason to be content. I live in one of the most affluent and privileged cultures in the history of civilization. I enjoy the freedom to learn, speak, and even sing whatever my heart desires. I have daily access to clean water, wholesome food, and shelter from the elements. I am employed – and I even have the option to change careers at any time I wish. Friends, I am living the dream. I really have every reason to feel happy, expectant, and fulfilled; yet, I sometimes feel a disquieting emptiness and a deeper longing for significance. You…

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