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Jo Lena Johnson is a Publisher, Author, Relationship Strategist, Coach, Intl. Trainer and Speaker, TV Show Host...Providing Essential Leadership, Communication & Relationship Building Skills for Today's World.

Jo Lena Johnson lived in "The City of Angels" and spent several successful years in marketing and radio before focusing her efforts on purpose-driven work as a Leadership Trainer & Communication Facilitator. Ms. Johnson has penned several inspirational books and is extremely excited about the upcoming release of "Strategic Planning for Love & War, Relationships and Adult Conversations." Helping people understand why they struggle, why men & women see love and relationships differently, and what to do about it is what her latest endeavor offers, with her partner and Co-Author Chief Steven Charles Martin.

Helping people to express themselves through writing, Ms. Johnson is also the Publisher of Mission Possible Press, a division of Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management, which Ms. Johnson founded in 1998.

Her extensive and intuitive skills as a coach have helped many achieve personal, professional and teams goals. Jo Lena wears many hats and no matter what her role – publisher, trainer, or coach, she is a leader 100% of the time. 

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