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Jolie Vanier is the author/illustrator/narrator of Puwaii Adventures with Joliea & Friends™ and the sequel, Puwaii Adventures with Joliea & Friends™...the adventures continue. Both books are fun and magical journeys encouraging family values, friendship and teamwork. Through the eyes and mind of this child, young readers are encouraged to explore new places and meet diverse characters. Most importantly, Vanier's readers are inspired to realize their own dreams.

Included with each book is an audio-book on CD narrated by Jolie and intended for the blind children and/or children too young to read, and a read-along w/ Jolie on DVD, which includes "Creativity Corner," Jolie's step-by-step art lessons intended to inspire her children-readers to write a book themselves, as well as creating and illustrating their own cast of characters.

4 Tips for Staying Youthful — and Motivated!

USE YOUR IMAGINATION; BE SILLY; STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER CHILD - AND YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING Unleash the power of your imagination and you will be a-mazed at what you can achieve. The possibilities are endless when you allow them to be. Putting your imagination to work unlocks your creativity and inspires you to come up with new ideas that you never thought possible. Also, don't forget to be "silly". Silliness is a very important trait, and allows you to do crazy create a book when you're only 7 years old, which is what I did. How…

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