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Jonathan's vision is "Joyful Living for All through Conscious Choice," and his mission is sharing that vision with the world. Those closest to Jonathan have dubbed him, "The Philosopher of Happiness" in recognition of his on-going commitment to seeing Joy in all of life.

Jonathan is an author of self-awareness books including "100 Secrets for Living a Life You Love." Each day Jonathan shares his Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote message with the world.

After 30 years of focusing on a high-pressure job, Jonathan looked up and asked, "Is this the meaning of life?" He pondered, "Who, or what, was I? What did I believe about myself and about life? What would bring me lasting happiness?" 

During the quest that followed, Jonathan's choice of teachers gradually progressed from psychological to metaphysical to spiritual, as he embarked on the voyage from techno-geek to seeker-of-wisdom - from non-belief to metaphysical questioner to a palpable all-encompassing connection with Spirit. 

Jonathan and his wife Suze live near St. Petersburg FL.


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Today’s Brilliance from Jonathan Huie

Find an old country graveyard and walk among the decaying headstones. Browse the inscriptions as you become familiar with the sense of the place. Now sit down on a grassy spot with your back to a tree, and visualize your own headstone in front of you. Consider what that headstone will say a few years from now. Each of us has only a few years on this planet - whether we are the political leader of a great nation, or are a homeless person living from handout to handout. One day, each of us will be gone, and only the…

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