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A life-long educator, Dr. Joe is dedicated to helping others find success through positivity. He has inspired many successful students through his motivational techniques. Having taught at all levels, K-12, adults, and college, Dr. Joe “Positive” resides in San Diego, CA with his soul mate, Nancy. The couple tutors students and adults and substitute-teach in the San Diego public schools. Joe is also an adjunct professor. His first book, Phoenixivity, is now in its second edition.

Joe is presently writing and researching his next two works, one on American education and the other on near-death experiences. Contact him directly at his email address: [email protected].


Recent Releases

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Rise Like The Phoenix!

Put your ego, pride, and independence aside. No one can do it alone. You can rise above the negativity and re-shape the perceptions you have of the world around you. So many times the answers are right there in front of your eyes. Be positive, and address and acknowledge your emotions. My former world exploded into a fireball. I lost friends, my daughters and family, my house, my possessions, my formerly good physical and mental health, and countless other things that I had grown accustomed to as an everyday part of my life. For consolation and spirituality, I resorted to…

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