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Josh is the creator of Frog and The Well, an inspiring look at life, which has spawned the first in a series of quirky uplifting cartoon books, Frog and the Well Unconventional Happiness, (with a new one on the way), a popular Facebook page and website which continues to inspire thousands around the world.

Josh also writes articles and stories about happiness and being happily human for many Mind / Body / Spirit magazines and websites.

Josh has been a radio advertising copywriter for 17 years, based in Western Australia and has won and been a finalist for many national and international industry awards during his career. It was a search for 'there must be more to this' that the idea of Frog and The Well came about.

Josh describes Frog and The Well as "a way of looking at life that touches our heart and allows our inner child free to sing, dance and pick flowers. Through times of sadness to the dizzying heights of joy, the Frog helps us be comfortable with who we are and where we are". 

Josh's most recent book is Follow Your Heart – Everyday Wisdom for an Extraordinary Life. His next nonfiction book, Dying to Know – is there life after death?, will be released next year.

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