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A marathon runner and triathlete, Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn survived sudden death in 1990 requiring 22 minutes of CPR. Currently an Associate Professor at Sacramento State University, she now shares internationally and nationally her new system of rehabilitation -- MetaHabilitation. In her new Turning Tragedy Into Triumph - MetaHabilitation: A Contemporary Model of Recovery, she shares her story of rehab from brain trauma, as well as other inspirational athletes and individuals who have survived their crises and thrived.

Life After Death: My Story

On July 20, 1990, my heart stopped beating. For 22 minutes, I was dead. My husband, children and friends watched as doctors took turns regaining a weak pulse. I was 35, an avid marathon runner and triathlete with no history of cardiac problems. That I survived was mystifying. Tests and opinions could not tell what happened. No hope of full recovery was offered. The cause was uncertain as was my future. Although grateful to be alive, I found return to life challenging. Battling cognitive delays, depression, physical limitations, intense anger, spiritual angst and consuming fear was my new reality. I…

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