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Julianne Soviero is a speaker, athletic performance consultant, and the author of Unleash Your True Athletic Potential and Empowered Recruiting: The Student-Athlete's College Selection Guide. She became obsessed with optimal athletic performance after an injury nearly destroyed her pitching career over 15 years ago. She has since studied kinematics, injury prevention, nutrition, Havening, and hypnosis in order to help other athletes maximize their abilities. She has appeared in media across the country, including Fox KVVU and Sirius XM.

Julianne has been a personal trainer for over a decade and was one of the first pitching coaches to study the performance demand of softball pitching.  She has produced countless award-winning pitchers and is excited to share her new online coaching program with the world (The Elite Pitcher's Blueprint). She is available for seminars, workshops and consultations.

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7 Elements of a Better Life

We often make attempts to compartmentalize different elements in our lives, but it is best when we allow all of these elements to flow together into a rich tapestry. Hopefully, this piece will allow you to see how the integration of mindset, nutrition, movement, and purpose can lead you to your happiest and most fulfilled life: 1. Don’t ever make an attempt to “lose weight”. Instead, respect your body, and know that it deserves the best. Stay away from fad diets that demonize specific food groups, and instead go for organic plant foods that are high in nutrients. Your body…

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