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Ken is one of the country's leading figures in the science of business and human excellence. Whether it is about taking a new company from zero to $100 million in sales in a single year, growing an international company to 15,000 members, interviewing a hundred millionaires or becoming a #1 bestselling author, Ken Foster shares his experience, wisdom and high velocity success formulas with entrepreneurs and small business owners the world over how to do it as well.

His entrepreneurial clients range from doctors, lawyers, and PhD's to internet marketers, coaches, authors, entertainers and America's top speakers. He has shared the stage with America's top business experts including Jay Abraham, Loral Langemeier, Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Sandy Botkin, Marci Shimoff and hundreds more.

He has worked with the top executives in companies across the country including Coldwell Banker, Bank of America, Cisco, Anthony Robbins Co., Goodwill Industries, Nordstrom, Remax, Century 21, Amazon Herb Company, Arbonne International, Smith Barney, The House of Blues, and has been on Radio across the country.

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10 Questions for Finding Your Balance

Have you ever asked yourself probing questions that get to the root of your inner self? Have you done the inner questioning to help you uncover your purpose—what your life is calling you to do? We must ask ourselves powerful questions to get to the core of our being. To get you started, ask yourself, "If time and money were not an issue, what would I be doing?" I like this question because it is as if we won the lottery. If you won a million bucks, what would you do? A question like this can begin to unveil some…

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