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Like many men, author and speaker Ken Solin grew to manhood with little idea of what acting like a man was all about. Coming from an abusive home, he got his lessons in the streets and struggled with anger, abandonment, and other issues well into his forties. He'd raised two sons as a single father but was friendless and alone.

Twenty years ago, Ken put together a men's group where eight guys met - and continue to meet - to teach each other the lessons of manhood most didn't get from their fathers, and to work through the issues that affect their relationships and limit their lives. The insights he's gained into friendship and trust, intimacy and sexuality, marriage and divorce and parenting and fatherhood have earned him a loyal following by both men and women.

Ken chronicled the two-decade journey of his men's group in his new book, Act Like a Man-available now on Amazon, in Kindle or print editions, where it has garnered unanimous 5 Star reviews - and blogs daily on his website, Ken is a regular contributor to "The Huffington Post" and "The Good Men Project" and frequently receives hundreds of comments from readers.

His message is a powerful - and proven: that the empowerment of men and the resulting strength and health of their relationships with their partners, their children, their friends, and their coworkers depends on their becoming aware of and in control of their emotions.

Guys can learn what it means to act like a man - and Ken Solin is the man to teach them. ;

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