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Kenneth J. Thurber has spent his career working in the field of computer technology. He has written or led nearly 500 technical proposals (winning over 200) leading to over several billion dollars in research, development, and product derived work. He has consulted on the purchase or product introduction by manufacturers of over $10 billion dollars worth of equipment. He was the system architect for the specification of a Local Area Network computer system and his system concepts resulted in the deployment of a real time system worth over $7 billion dollars.

He developed the concepts of technology big wave surfing as a metaphor for ways to capitalize on the disruption that technology brings to the marketplace. He is the creator and the world's leading practitioner of extreme ways to develop, manage, market and invest in the technology product marketplace. In addition to forming and running several companies he has been a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies. He is considered by many to be the "Consultant's Consultant".

Dr. Thurber has worked for several major corporations including Honeywell and Univac. He was on the adjunct faculty of the Computer Science Department of the University of Minnesota. He is currently the President of Architecture Technology Corporation which he co-founded. 

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