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Kevin Weaver is a serial entrepreneur, author and song writer with experience spanning several industries and a variety of for profit and non-profit offerings.
Kevin's most recent endeavor, It's Feasible, is a business development company that turns ideas-Big Ideas- into profitable business and then endeavors to give 50% of its profits away to advance the Kingdom of God around the world. Current It's Feasible projects include but are not limited to the following:, a web-based software company who has developed a fully web-based life management, social networking and virtual online storage service for life's most important treasures allowing individuals to easily manage, share and secure their entire personal universe of files and documents in a highly usable yet highly secure manner.

FreedomXchange™, a web-based staffing firm providing the job skills and talent of formerly incarcerated persons to small businesses and national corporations on a temporary and temporary-to-permanent basis through a proprietary fully-automated, real-time, web-based employment exchange technology capable of matching and managing the unique needs of both employers and workers in a highly scalable manner.

Call To Battle, a completely web-based and on-demand equipping ministry movement combining the mandate and methodologies of the first century Christian church with the today's cutting edge technologies designed to enable and support a massive, decentralized, highly organized, expeditiously equipped, infinitely expandable, locally focused and regionally impacting army of revolutionaries - believers - with the training and tools necessary to practically integrate deeper levels of "abiding intimacy", mandate to the perform the "greater works" that Jesus spoke of and a sincere desire to "advance the Kingdom of God" while enjoying the more "Abundant life" in their everyday life.
Kevin and his wife, Michelle Weaver and their three children Olivia Joy, Noah Jeremiah, and Immanuel Asher live in Dallas, Texas. 

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