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Kit Cassingham has expanded her professional world by becoming a coach at Live In Focused Energy. She helps professionals form new habits so they can finish "today's tasks" during the work day and still have time and energy to spend with friends and family. With over 25 years of experience helping people learn to balance their professional and personal life, she knows she holds the key to their life puzzle.

Kit is an environmentalist who walks, talks, and breathes her environmental commitment. She'll gladly guide others into more environmentally responsible living in all aspects of their lives. While that's still a passion, Kit truly loves serving others and helping them create a life that's meaningful and balanced.

Her career path has been an interesting one, taking her from a degree in Environmental Conservation at the University of Colorado, to computer programming, to bed and breakfast innkeeping, and to B&B consultant and broker. The environmental thread has run through most of her life, especially in the energy efficient home she designed and lives in. And now she enjoys her career as Focus Coach (like Life Coach, only with her personal twist).

She lives in western Colorado with her husband, Randy, and their cats,  on 45 acres with views of two mountain ranges. In her spare time she enjoys reading, movies, sewing, exercising, and being a volunteer EMT and Deputy Coroner for her county.

For more information, please visit LiveInFocusedEnergy  

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4-week course in creating a balanced LIFE --

Today’s Brilliance from Kit Cassingham

There are many ways of getting love in your life. Being likeable and lovable, dependable and constant, as well as considerate and generous are the obvious ways people attract love. But there's another thing to do that's even more satisfying and rewarding, and that's giving love. Giving love to all living things, including the earth, is the key to getting love. What a challenge, especially when you first start the practice! Be mindful of your attitudes and actions. It gets easier with time and practice. There will be times you'll think it's not fair to be doing all the giving, but practice will overcome…

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