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Kristen is most commonly known as the ‘Go Big Coach'. Her teaching combines Universal Laws, Inspired Action and Strategies of Success. Kristen has personally used this combination to succeed in one of the hardest industries out there - as an actress on Broadway, film and TV. Her businesses and opportunities have manifested out of, what seemed like nowhere, and now she is living the life of her dreams.

Kristen actively reaches thousands, worldwide with her programs, her online magazine 'The Law of Attraction Key' and her teleseminar series, 'Manifest Everything Now'. She helps her clients have massive breakthroughs and transform their lives. Kristen's ultimate mission is to raise the vibration of the Universe by helping as many people as possible achieve true, balanced and ultimate success.

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The Power (and Art) of Letting Go

How many of you have been told that the final piece of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Manifesting’ process is to ‘Let it go’? How many of you struggle with ‘letting it go’? The concept seems so simple – just let it go and trust the Universe – right? Sure, simple in concept – but then our emotions kick in and the idea of ‘letting it go’ gets thrown out the window. Why do we struggle to ‘Let it go’? The plain and simple answer is that even though we want to trust the Universe, we feel much more likely to…

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