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Laura Mayer, founder of SoulDancing Healing Practice, bridges clinical expertise and spiritual knowing. She is a spiritual transformer and motivational speaker. Laura received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in occupational therapy from New York University. Later becoming a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery and Indigo Spiritual Healing, Laura’s gift and greatest joy is in opening people’s hearts and empowering others to be fully seen, fully heard and fully present. As a master healer, Laura’s capacity to go deep within the soul will assist you in igniting your light to be the best you can be, while tapping into the source of pain dormant in your core. Her gentle guiding empowers others to step out and fully heal any emotional, physical or spiritual dis-ease.

In workshops and individual coaching sessions, Laura incorporates her decades of experience as an Occupational Therapist, her intuitive prowess, and her healing practice of Soul Memory Discovery into a road map for anyone willing to step up the plate and take their life into their own hands. Laura knows first hand what healing looks like and how you, too, can lay down your weapons and pick up your angel wings.

Laura is the author of Unlocking the Invisible Child: A Journey from Heartbreak to Bliss, a memoir based on her courage to “step out of the medical box” and heal from a highly debilitating condition. Laura’s determination, tenacity, and grace are an example of possibility and provide the impetus for others to heal.
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