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Leah Carey is the Chief Miracle Officer of The Miracle Journal, where she blogs about the large and small miracles that she sees each day in her life. She is also a journalist for a daily newspaper, a freelance writer, and a personal development speaker and teacher.

She began recording her daily miracles on Jan. 1, 2011. It quickly became The Miracle Journal, a popular daily blog that has gained many followers who enjoy the reminder to look for the good in everything that surrounds us.

Leah is the creator and facilitator of the "Live. Write. Share." workshops, which help people to write stories of tragedy and triumph from their lives and then share them onstage. She released her first book, a 40-day guided journal called Transforming Your Body Image, in 2010.

Her new book The Year Of Miraculous Living will be available later this year. It is a look back at some of the most important lessons that Leah has learned while writing The Miracle Journal. In the powerful prose her readers have come to love, Leah invites you to see how the lessons of love, money, self-image, and many more may be applicable to your life.

You can find her online at and at While you’re at The Miracle Journal, sign up to receive her weekly "Tips For Miraculous Living" newsletter; you'll also receive a list of suggestions for finding miracles every day in YOUR life!

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You Can Find Miracles In Every Day!

75 trillion. That's approximately how many cells there are in the human body. Each one of them is performing millions of teeny tiny miracles a day. Why do I call these miracles? Consider, your heart knows which direction to pump your blood. Your lungs know how to take in air and distribute oxygen. Your intestines know how to extract nutrients from food and pass them into your bloodstream. All of these things happen without your ever having to think about it. Many of us don't even know which organs are where, let alone understand how all of this happens. We…

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